I Do. Do I Really?

Recently, I had the privilege of speaking at a small group. It was the first time speaking after several years and I was nervous. Not only to trust that words would come out of my mouth but the topic, "Crises and Divorce!" Yet these friends trusted me and this gave me confidence.

The greatest impact though, was when a young woman confessed her wrong doing in a previous relationship and asked forgiveness by those whom had been hurt by similar sin. I felt a wave of emotion pass around the room. Her courage far outweighed mine. There was no excuse from her but simply the sheer determination to take responsibility for her wrong.

Rarely today do we see the courage to hold to one of God's greatest covenants. Grace is easily found but obedience? 

Marriage is difficult. It's design is to make us more Christlike  but daily this means sacrifice and putting another's needs before our own when we just want to sit back and do our own thing.

Look at the difference between a man and a woman. Most men want to conquer the world and yet a woman craves love and security. These traits do not naturally go together. 

Then there are personality differences that initially attract each to the other but then become unacceptable. "If she just would stop talking", or ''I did think he was the strong silent type but...." And so, we busily set to work, trying to mold the other into something more to our liking.

Add to this, the difference in family backgrounds. Did anyone ever inform us that when we marry, that we also inherit another family? I thought that one was enough!

We all have the dream that this special other will magically fill the gaps in our life and therefore life will be easier. Yet when we commit to marriage it brings complication, hard work and change, maybe even pain and betrayal.

But isn't that part of the journey of knowing God?

What is astounding, is that God entrusted to me, another human being, to love and care for. One with whom I could share my deepest hopes and vulnerabilities.

He gifted him to me, and vice versa, through the good and bad, so that I could know my God more intimately.