When God is Absent

An acquaintance asked me recently if my faith was stronger after all I’d been through - divorce, career and status loss, family far away and abandonment. I though do not equate faith with this era of my life.

For me it was simply a struggle for survival. Daily emerging from bed in pain - sorting a plethora of bills, desperately selling things, learning new skills and unable yet to reveal my plight to others.

Huge loss can mean that one feels that God is absent and far away. There may be glimpses of His presence but He is not one to count on. If He can allow such loss then how is He reliable.

At much of this time I related to Naomi in the book of Ruth. Old, used up, scared, alone and abandoned.

My admiration for Naomi though is that she held some hope for a future and it was her sheer determination that drove her forward.

She was shattered, bitter but determined to emerge from her mess.

The lesson is this. Our catastrophe cannot stop God’s plan if we carry a slither of hope. For what I was hoping, I do not know, but I do now know that God does not give up on us despite our hurt and pain.

God is not disgusted or shocked when we are living on a thread of His relationship. He gently draws this thread forward, drawing us into a different season of mystery.

Some see the book of Ruth as a fairytale in which a beautiful young woman moves from loss to happiness. Rather to me it portrays two perspectives of women who face massive trauma and yet God reveals to us, what is truly important.
It is Him that is faithful in our mess at all times.