The Pioneer

I thought my pioneering days were over but God had other plans.

Out of the blue, one can find himself starting again. It may not be in one area of life but many.

Amidst the pioneering, there is excitement but hardship. There can be unresolved 'stuff" from the past but to determine to focus forward, is vital.

The fulfillment of God's dreams do not happen easily. But then again I've always thought of hope and faith as more than words. They are action.

Pioneering means that one pushes through the negative emotions, silence, criticism, lack of support and resources, no matter the moment.

The occasional cheerleader becomes the pioneer's best friend.

Man cannot rest his dream to pioneer on any of the above, as much as one seeks approval. As Catherine Marshall wrote, "Hope must be in the future tense. Faith, to be faith, must be in the present tense."