The Voice

Last week, I had the tremendous privilege of sitting with one whom had accomplished much in life. She has not sought success and yet has achieved it through much hardship. Her thoughts follow.

Some times we are confident and we have no trouble in finding our voice.

Then there's times when we question our life and feel a failure. It's hard to find our voice and it's difficult to find an arena in which we can be heard.

Some think that there's something dreadfully wrong at the expression of bitterness and hatred. Yet these emotions pass through people's hearts and minds every day.

To not accept one's emotions of pain minimizes their situation. We make them into a culprit only deepening the loss.

Perhaps  we fail to realize the enormity of the situation or perhaps their dilemma is inconvenient to us.    

To give room for one to express themselves, some times repeatedly, helps a person to process pain and again find security in their surroundings.

To not listen invalidates. To not listen, speaks of no interest and no time.

To give people a voice means we care and value others.